Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?
I wish I were cross-eyed so I can see you twice
Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.
This must be puppy love I’m feeling towards you! You remind me of my dear dog.
I hope you got a pet insurance, cause tonight I’m gonna destroy that pus*y.
I’ll bet you $10 my d*ck can’t fit into your mouth.
Will you marry me for just one night?
My ex-girlfriend used to call me Goldfinger.
Oh, you’re a bird watcher. [Pull out your dong] Well, would you take this for a swallow?
What time do you get off? Can I watch?
Were you born in a toilet? Because your the shit!
Your a$$ is pretty tight, want me to loosen up?
Are you spaghetti? Because I want you to meat my balls.
What is long and hard, and right behind you?
I’m like a Rubik’s Cube, the more you play with me the harder I get!