I’m a freelance gynecologist. How long has it been since your last checkup?
When I saw you, I lost my tongue. Can I put yours in my mouth?
Hello, love, do you spit or swallow?
Hey baby, I’ll f*ck you so hard the neighbors will be having a cigarette when we’re done.
Are you a farmer? Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.
Baby, wanna come for a ride?
Let’s not mess with nature. We are here to make babies. So, let’s get to it.
Is that a keg in your pants? Because I’d love to tap that a$$.
I lost my virginity. Can I have yours?
You have some nice jewelry. It would look great on my nightstand.
I’m like chocolate: I go straight to your a$$!
There are 8 planets in the universe, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus.
Were you born in a toilet? Because your the shit!
You’re thicker than a snicker.
Can I please be your slave tonight?