Excuse me, but would you like an orally stimulated orgasm?
Ay girl is yo dad in jail? Cuz if I was your dad, I’d definitely be in jail.
You have some nice jewelry. It would look great on my nightstand.
I’ve got a hummer and a vibrator. Which one do you want to test drive first?
Are you a haunted house? I’m going to scream when I’m in you.
I have a 13 inch d*ck. Remember that, there will be an oral exam later.
I’d really like to see how you look when I’m naked.
Call me leaves, cause you should be blowing me.
If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
Are you a thief? Cause I want you to steal my virginity tonight!
S*x is evil. Evil is sin. Sin is forgiven, so let’s begin.
You know how your hair would look really good? [No/Where?] In my lap.
Sit on my face and let me get to ‘nose’ you better?
I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but who’s to say it’s wrong if we sleep together?
Do you have a can opener? My d*ck is about to pop.