Could you please step away from the bar? You’re melting all the ice!
You dropped something! What? (Point at the ground) Your standards.
I hope you’re not a vegetarian, because I’d love to meat you.
Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?
I can’t buy you Gucci or Armani but I can make your p*ssy a tsunami.
Will you be my girlfrien? I left out the ‘d’ cause you’ll get that later!
Tickle your p*ssy with a feather? (What?) I said, “Particularly nice weather.”
Which is easier? You getting into those tight pants or getting you out of them?
I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You’re making the other girls look bad.
Hi, sorry I don’t have an opening line but since you have an opening and I have a line...
If you were my homework, I’d do you everyday.
Call me Shrek because I’m head ogre heels for you!
I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?
I wish I were cross-eyed so I can see you twice.
Your shirt has to go, but you can stay.

About Pick Up Lines

They say it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. So when approaching someone, there's a ton of pressure to make that first opening line stand out. Usually, when meeting someone new, we just don't know how to start a conversation in a way that isn't tacky and awkward. The perfect ice breakers in situations like these, are pick up lines. The goal of using pick up lines is to intrigue someone, make them laugh and initiate conversation. Wisely chosen pick up lines do actually work the wonders. The funniest lines make you look hilarious and interesting and make the other person feel good. Many pick up lines are definitely over-done and rather make the other person shiver with cringe than melt in your arms. But there are still some hilariously good ones that will surely help to get the conversation going. 


What Makes a Pick Up Line "Funny"?

Scoring someone's name, phone number or even a date can be a not-so-easy task. Usually, the hardest part about it is going up to them and finding the right words on how to start a conversation. While the basic conversation starter "Hi, how are you?" might do OK, a funny pick up line will do better. Laughter is such a magical physical reaction that causes the release of these cute little things called feel-good chemicals in the human brain. And feel-good chemicals do exactly like their name promises, they make us feel good! 

Now that you know you want to start off conversations with laughter, I guess you want to know-how. There are different types of funny pick up lines you can use. Some pick up lines are simply so bad that they are funny, for example, "Did you just fart? 'Cause you blew me away". While indeed it's funny, *chuckles* you should be a bit careful when saying that to a gorgeous woman you just met. When approaching someone, a sure way to go would be trying to make them giggle, rather than burst out of laughter. 

A funny pick up line is clever, a bit silly but the point of it is really clear. One of my personal favorite funny pick up line is "Like the onion on my sandwich, I wanna take you out". I'm a big fan of this one, probably because THIS IS SO ME! So, maybe you can also find a pick up line that you connect on a personal level with. I don't know how great would it be to be compared to something that disgusts the person out that much, but since we are talking about funny pick up lines, I'm guessing it does make a good humor factor.


When To Use Funny Pick Up Lines?

When thinking about using pick up lines, we often imagine some cheesy scenarios that we have seen in rom-com movies. The guy spots the woman of his dreams, lonely sitting in a bar, and then he goes up to her and says something in the lines of "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel." While some people might still fall *pun intended* for that, most people would find it hard not to cringe. When approaching someone, your goal is not to create an awkward situation where she has to start thinking about an escape plan. You want to say something clever and funny, something that makes her giggle and releases those feel-good little guys. 

While funny pick up lines are a great way to approach someone you just met, they could be literally used on anyone! If you feel like your relationship is strong enough to survive a trip to IKEA, you could use some of these pick up lines on your SO. These guarantee some laughs, and not the pretty ones, but the ones with snorting noises.

So, when you are a humorous person yourself, give funny pick up lines a try. They are one of the greatest conversation starters because you have a chance to reveal the funny guy in you just in seconds and help to release the little feel-goods in their brain. Go through our Funny Pick Up Lines and save some of them to be ready to amuse the (wo)man of your dreams.