I just went to a fireworks shop and asked for their biggest bomb. They gave me a picture of you.
Hey Baby, you want to come to my house and work on your math skills? We can add the bed, subtract the cloths, divide the legs and multiply!
You know what’s on the menu? ME-N-U
Are you my self-esteem? Cause I’ve been looking for you everywhere.
If you were a Youtube ad I wouldn’t ever skip.
Our body is 75% water, and I’m thirsty.
Kanye feel the love tonight?
You are so beautiful that I would marry your brother just to get into your family.
Congratulations! You’ve been voted “Most Beautiful Girl In This Room” and the grand prize is a night with me!
Don’t tell me if you want me to take you out to dinner. Just smile for yes, or do a backflip for no.
Draw a line on a napkin and hand it to her. (She will ask ” What is it?”) A pickup line!
I’m not actually this tall. I’m sitting on my wallet.
Do you like chicken? Sorry, I haven’t got any, how about a c*ck?
Did you get your license suspended for driving so many guys crazy?
F**k me if I am wrong, but haven’t we met before?